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Open, View and Extract your Phone Backup Data
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phoneMiner lets you to extract, view and export the data from your phone backup files, allowing you to retrieve previously inaccessible data.

View your Contacts (Address book), SMS messages, Emails, Calendar, Memos, Tasks, Call log, Photos, Movies and more.

phoneMiner also allows you to convert and export your phone data to a range of popular file formats, allowing you to import your information to other applications.

  • BlackBerry (.BBB and .IPD Files)
  • iPhone
  • Sony Ericsson
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

BBB File Information

Files with an extension of .BBB are a new type of BlackBerry Backup file format released in early 2012. This extension already existed prior to 2012, but was specific to the Apple Mac OS (with its Windows counterpart having an extension of .IPD). Research In Motion (RIM) decided to replace the existing .IPD and .BBB formats with a single format/extension across all platforms.

The sole purpose of a BlackBerry backup file is to store personal data from a BlackBerry phone. This data can include SMS messages, E-mail messages, Address Book entries and all Calendar entries and scheduled appointments. If chosen, BBB backup files can also contain the device's configuration and settings data. In case the information on the phone becomes corrupt or accidentally deleted, it can be easily restored from the backup file to the original device.

How to backup your BlackBerry

Creating backups of a user's personal data and the device's configuration/settings is highly recommended. Having a backup of important data reduces the risk of losing critical data if a device is lost, damaged or replaced as a copy of the data will remain saved within a single file on the user's computer.

The process of creating backups is done using the "BlackBerry Desktop Manger" software. This application was developed by Research In Motion and is bundled with their BlackBerry devices. It can be installed via the CD or downloaded directly from RIM's website.

Once installed (and the phone connected to the computer via a USB cable) the backup process is started by clicking on the "Backup" button at the top of the screen. There are two options for backing up the data on the phone: "All Data" and "Selected Data".

The first option is used to save both personal and configuration/settings whereas the second option is to backup only certain databases (I.E Messages). Selective database backups are created by ticking the checkboxes besides the required database(s).

Password protection is also available to increase the security of the resulting .BBB file. If encryption is selected then the user will be prompted to choose a password before the backup process begins. Choosing a password that's easy to remember is essential as there are no password hints during the restore process.

The newer version of the .BBB file format is not backwards-compatible with older versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manger (version 6 and below). For restoring newer backups the program needs to be updated to version 7 or above. It is worth noting that older versions of backup (.BBB and .IPD) are compatible with the newer versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

How to access your backup

Creating backup files and restoring them is a fairly straightforward process but if the device is lost, damaged or simply replaced with a different phone, accessing the data within the backup becomes a huge problem; potentially leaving the user with a backup file they are unable to access.

The only known application that is compatible with all versions of .BBB files (and .IPD) is Amrak Software's phoneMiner. Using this application, users are able to view their personal information (I.E Address book) and export to other formats, such as XML, CSV and Excel.

BlackBerry databases supported by phoneMiner

Export formats supported by phoneMiner

Compatible devices

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